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British Columbia is EVfriendly

The EVfriendly initiative supports the migration to a cleaner, greener transportation system in British Columbia.

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Information about EV ownership, from pre-purchase, through to the eventual end-of-useful-life options. Learn more »

Training and certification programs for EV safety, sales, service and repair, towing, and recycling
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Is There an EV in Your Future?

Concerned about the environment? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?
What factors are important to you when choosing a vehicle?
EVfriendly provides unbiased information to help you choose the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

EVfriendly is Good Business!

Now is the time to invest in the training and equipment your automotive sales and/or services business will need to compete in this new reality. EVfriendly is your roadmap to success!

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EV Information

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Pros and cons of electric/zero-emission vehicle powertrains compared to those of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Making the switch to an EV can be intimidating. EVfriendly provides consumers with information to guide the process.

What are myths and what are facts about EV safety?  What you need to know, and how you can find an EVfriendly certified service provider near you.


A group of stakeholders with a wide range of expertise assisting the automotive industry in adapting to the evolving EV marketplace.

Arguably, an EV owner is a more sophisticated customer who wants someone they can trust when it comes to the care of their vehicles.

It is estimated that before the end of this decade, 30% of passenger vehicles on the road will be EVs. Become an EVfriendly trusted service provider.

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Donna Coulombe, electric vehicle owner

“The impetus for us to buy an electric car was to further reduce our carbon footprint. We were pleasantly surprised to find the EV very fun to drive. It has great ‘get up and go’ and is very smooth when accelerating. Quite different from a gas powered vehicle. We haven’t bought gas in over 2 years. Low maintenance costs as well.

Donna Coulombe

EV Owner
Scott Waddle - Precision Auto - EVfriendly

“As one of the few independent repair shops in B.C. to actively encourage EV ownership and invest in our staff with EV training and technology, we are preparing for the future of our industry. EV training cannot be overlooked, or we will be left behind. We must embrace this technology and the changes it brings to our industry.”

Scott Waddle

EV Repair & Maintenance Specialist

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