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Electric Vehicle Performance in Cold Weather

As technology continues to advance, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the performance of electronic devices can be greatly impacted by changes in temperature. This is …

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The ARC Releases Its End-Of-Life EV Management Plan

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), with the financial support of Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, has prepared a Roadmap and Implementation …

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Protect Workers from the Hazards of Electric Vehicles

Reprinted with permission from Speaking of Safety As the use of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, safety advocates are looking at how to improve safety for …

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Electric vehicle owner picks up his car from an automotive technician

How to Perform Inspections on Used EVs

A pre-purchase inspection is critical for determining the quality of any used vehicle and whether any major or minor repairs will be necessary in order …

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EVfriendly Podcast: Tune into the World of EVs

Cover photo: EVfriendly podcast hosts, Ken Hendricks and Rene Young, discussing the future of electric vehicle service and repair with Scott Waddle of Precision Auto …

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Auto service technician examining the electric car battery

Path to a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Repair Industry

The Path to a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Repair Industry Lies with Right to Repair Legislation Imagine you purchased your first used electric vehicle (EV) only …

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