Getting to Know Your EV Customer

Getting to Know Your EV Customer

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be a complex and highly involved decision-making process for the consumer. Next to a house, a vehicle is likely the second largest purchase a consumer will make. The cost of a vehicle may be the equivalent of months, or even years of one’s income.

Consumers generally want vehicles that are affordable, safe, reliable, and meet their needs. A vehicle can serve as a status symbol that represents image, success, or reflects their values. It can also be a tool, such as a courier vehicle or pickup truck – its sole job is to work. Regardless of the reason for their purchase, your responsibility as an EVfriendly dealer is to guide your customer through the buying process and get them into the right vehicle.

EVs may compete with other, conventional vehicles on your lot. EVs tend to add a certain degree of complexity and risk to the decision-making process and, as a result, uninformed customers will often gravitate to what is known and familiar to them. New technology demands more of the consumer in terms of the time and energy they must expend learning about a new product. To overcome these obstacles, EVs must offer sufficient benefits to offset any price difference or perceived risks.

There are many different types of buyers who may show up on your lot. For instance, there’s the first-time shopper who will have several questions about going electric, the “informed” buyer who knows some critical info, and then there’s the “expert” who knows exactly what they want, and why. There are often buyers who are strongly motivated by social, economic, or environmental pressures. After a few years in EV sales, all these customer types will become typical, regular clients who will become future customers. Our EVfriendly sales training explores the different types of customers, and how to interact with them,  in more detail.

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