Yellow and Black High-Voltage Danger Sign

Basic EV Safety

Basic EV Safety All employees working in businesses involved with the sale, repair, towing, or recycling of vehicles equipped with a high-voltage battery need at least a basic understanding of the dangers and how to minimize risk. Safety training should not be limited to those who actually handle or work on EVs. The dangers of …

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Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Disassembling

Second-life Batteries

Second-life Batteries It is estimated that by 2030, there will be over one million end-of-life Lithium-Ion batteries in North America. Even now, sufficient numbers of these batteries are showing up in recycling yards, raising concerns about proper management through either reuse or recycling. While reuse of these batteries in other electric vehicles, either through repair …

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Zero-Emission Vehicle - Nissan

The ZEV Alliance

The ZEV Alliance The EVfriendly certification program is steered by a group of stakeholders referred to as the ZEV Alliance. The ZEV Alliance was formed to bring individual organizations under a common identity to support the government’s 2035 ZEV mandate – that is, that by 2035, all new vehicle sales will be electric. Each stakeholder …

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Electric Vehicle Charging in Polution-Free Environment

The Future is Now

The Future is Now Preparing the Automotive Service and Repair Industry for EVs According to the latest statistics, there are now over 54,000 electric vehicles registered in B.C., and this number is anticipated to grow exponentially in the coming years. EVs now make up 9% of all new car sales in the province, and the …

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The Electrification of the Transportation Industry

The Electrification of the Transportation Industry The transportation industry is changing rapidly.  Smarter cars, capable of producing zero emissions, are now mainstream. New vehicle technology, along with government incentives and infrastructure programs are transforming the way we move about. As a result, the demand for electrified transportation comes in many forms beyond light-duty passenger vehicles, …

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