Licensed Motor Dealers: How to become a leader in EV sales

Electric vehicle demonstration to customers in a showroom

Effective February 23, 2022, used EVs are exempt from PST. The exemption applies to all motor dealer sales, as well as private sales of used EVs that have been driven for at least 6,000 kilometres.

EVs are growing in popularity among British Columbians and are predicted to make up 90% of all new car sales in the province by 2030. According to consumer research conducted by the ZEV Alliance, over half of respondents are considering purchasing an EV as their next vehicle. Those who would not consider purchasing an EV reported they were too expensive compared with ICE vehicles and/or that the short kilometre range was too restrictive for their driving habits.

However, the level of knowledge of the typical EV buyer is evolving, with more consumers looking online or to sales personnel for information. According to consumer surveys, most have obtained, or would obtain, information about EVs from online sources, car dealerships, other EV owners, and/or friends or family prior to purchase. According to survey respondents, the main concerns are accessibility of charging stations and selection of the appropriate make and model, including battery capacity. Other considerations mentioned include the cost to charge and maintain a ZEV, availability of service facilities in rural areas, and the initial purchase price.

The top five most popular EVs sold in Canada include:

  1. Toyota Prius Family.
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Hyundai Ioniq
  4. Chevrolet Bolt
  5. Nissan LEAF

EVfriendly training and certification can help distinguish your sales team from the rest by being able to guide your customers through the buying process and responding to any inquiries about safety, reliability, battery lifespan, etc. Being an EVfriendly certified business instills greater consumer confidence in purchasing an EV. For those drivers who have already made the switch to electric, you want to reassure them that their vehicle will be properly cared for by trained and qualified industry professionals. The program also offers support to help industry professionals to transition from servicing conventional vehicles to the new all-electric fleet of vehicles.

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