Why Become and EVfriendly Collision Repair Shop

Woman calling for help after electric vehicle collision

Why Become an EVfriendly Collision Repair Shop

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you drive, or how old (or new) it is…accidents happen. Unlike independent mechanical repair shops, where they typically don’t see many new vehicles coming in for service or repairs until the warranty expires, collision repair shops are called upon to work on brand new vehicles, sometimes even before they are sold. That’s why collision repair shops have to be prepared to work on the very latest models.

Today, with the rapidly increasing number of hybrids, plugin hybrids, and all-electric vehicles being purchased by consumers, so too do the odds increase that these vehicles will find their way to a collision repair shop. And with governments mandating that within the next two decades, all new vehicles sold are to be zero emission vehicles, the day will soon come when most vehicles in the shop are EVs.

At the moment, it may not seem that there is an immediate need to adapt your collision repair business to be qualified to work on EVs. After all, they represent less than ten percent of current vehicle sales, and there are plenty of specialized shops to handle the demand already. And while that may be true, the tipping of that balance is now a certainty. You can choose to be proactive and be ready for the transition, or you can wait. But waiting is rarely the best business plan, because you risk being left behind.

The number one concern is complacency with respect to safety when servicing and repairing these sophisticated vehicles. Battery voltage is invisible, and technicians must be trained in the safety protocols to protect themselves and the vehicle from a catastrophic failure. Without the proper training, technicians can inadvertently damage the vehicle’s electrical systems and risk injury, or even death from electrocution. That is a liability you want to avoid at all costs.

Besides, consumers want to be confident that the people caring for their vehicles are competent and qualified. That means investing in the training and equipment necessary to provide proper and safe repairs.

Becoming EVfriendly certified is the way to demonstrate that you have made those investments.