Towing: Keeping Your Operators Safe

Tow Truck Operator Working on the Side of the Road, Loading a Car

Towing: Keeping Your Operators Safe

Towing and recovery is a high-risk industry characterized by a unique combination of workplace hazards. Towing or recovering electric vehicles adds a completely new dimension.

Educating your operators about the hazards these vehicles pose and enrolling them in EV-specific training will help keep them safe. EVs are safe, and fires and other hazards associated with their recovery are rare, provided the operator observes proper handling and storage procedures.

In addition to the hazards posed by damaged high voltage batteries, EVs pose other risks that, if not properly handled, can result in serious injury or death. These can include electric shock, fire, chemical burns or even being pinned or struck by a vehicle that has not been properly disabled.  

EVfriendly training will arm your operators with the skills and knowledge they will need to properly assess a scene, survey for hazards, load and recover an EV, and how to properly store and manage EVs in your lot.

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