The ZEV Alliance

Zero-Emission Vehicle - Nissan

The ZEV Alliance

The EVfriendly certification program is steered by a group of stakeholders referred to as the ZEV Alliance. The ZEV Alliance was formed to bring individual organizations under a common identity to support the government’s 2035 ZEV mandate – that is, that by 2035, all new vehicle sales will be electric.

Each stakeholder in the Alliance has an interest in the growth of the EV market and is in support of the EVfriendly program and its objectives. Bringing everyone together will reduce conflicts and redundancies that would potentially arise if each organization pursued its own policies and projects with respect to EVs.

Alliance partners meet on a biannual basis to review the progress of the EVfriendly program, make recommendations for its continued improvement, discuss future trends and issues that will influence the growth of the EV market, and support and promote the program to industry and the public. 

By working together toward a common goal, we can more effectively build a sustainable tomorrow.

For more information about the ZEV Alliance, see the About page.