The Electrification of the Transportation Industry

The Electrification of the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is changing rapidly.  Smarter cars, capable of producing zero emissions, are now mainstream. New vehicle technology, along with government incentives and infrastructure programs are transforming the way we move about.

As a result, the demand for electrified transportation comes in many forms beyond light-duty passenger vehicles, with as electric buses, delivery vans and trucks, scooters bikes, and motorcycles all available.

You may or may not already drive an EV, but you will eventually; or certainly, your kids will. Future generations will look back at the ‘gas-guzzler’ the way we associate horse-drawn carriages – as relics of the past.

Yet, as with any disruption, this shift from gasoline to electric will produce winners and losers. Major industries, such as oil and gas and hydro electricity will certainly be affected. But much sooner than that, the automotive industry will need to shift and adapt to this change.

Electrification of the transportation sector will require creativity, investment, and innovation. But pursuing this goal is one of the most important ways humanity can combat climate change and reduce our environmental impact.