EVfriendly Weekly Roundup – May 9

Ford CEO calls electric vehicle market price cuts 'a worrying trend'


Ford CEO, Jim Farley expressed concern over the price war in the electric vehicle (EV) market after Ford announced an up to 8% price reduction of its Mustang Mach-E to compete with rival Tesla. Farley compared the price cuts to Henry Ford’s strategy for the Model T, warning that the commodification of EVs could result in poor resale value and dissatisfied customers. Ford will follow Tesla’s pricing for EV models but Farley stated that there was a limit to how far the company would go

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Electric Vehicles Are Noisy in Different Ways, and That's the Engineering Challenge


As cars become quieter, electric vehicles reveal previously masked ancillary noises from climate-control fans, coolant systems, and tires. Engineers must now work to minimize the sound levels from each subsystem to make EVs quieter than ever before. However, it’s not just about making things silent; it’s about making them the right kind of quiet.

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EV designers can move the industry forward by invoking radical notions of the past


There is a trend in European automotive design where manufacturers are creating retro-style cars that incorporate electric powertrains. The article argues that the challenge and opportunity for automakers is to create electric vehicles that target the underlying essence of the simple, elegant designs of the “people cars” of the post-war era, not merely replicate their shape

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When will electric vehicle prices drop in Canada?


The price of electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada ranges from $40,000 to $189,000, but government incentives and increased manufacturing could help push down consumer costs. Experts believe it may take close to a decade before we see price parity between electric and traditional combustion-engine cars, but more competition among car manufacturers is a good sign that EV sticker prices will start coming down.

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Chinese electric vehicle brands expand to global markets

Chinese electric car exporters are beginning to compete with Western and Japanese brands in their home markets. Multibillion-dollar subsidies from the Chinese government have helped to double sales of battery-powered vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrids to 6.9 million vehicles, or half the global total. By bringing fast-developing technology and low prices, some companies, such as BYD Auto, have edged ahead of Tesla in total 2022 sales at 1.9 million vehicles.

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