EVfriendly Weekly Roundup – May 29

Tesla offers China-made electric vehicles for sale in Canada

Tesla is now selling China-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in Canada. These electric cars, manufactured at Tesla’s Shanghai factory, are available for immediate delivery in British Columbia. Both models qualify for federal incentives of C$5,000 in Canada. Tesla’s expansion into the Canadian market from Shanghai allows it to maintain vehicles for the U.S. market while tapping into new opportunities.

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Ford will add Tesla plug to its electric vehicles in surprising move

Tesla and Ford have announced a partnership to integrate Tesla’s Supercharger network into Ford’s electric vehicles. Ford EV owners will gain access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada, starting from early next year. Additionally, Ford plans to directly incorporate Tesla’s connector, known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), in its future electric vehicles by 2025. This collaboration signifies a step towards establishing Tesla’s connector as a standard in North America and highlights the reliability of the Supercharger network.

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EVs to avoid if you want to dodge battery replacements that can cost up to $20,000

A study by Recurrent reveals that only a small percentage of EVs, excluding major recalls, have required battery replacements. The Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S show higher rates of battery replacements among older models. However, overall, EV batteries tend to maintain their lifespan well. Battery replacement is a crucial consideration for long-term ownership and resale value. Automakers provide warranties to address potential replacement concerns.

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The Chinese EV market is exploding. Here are the 5 major Chinese EV brands you should know about.


China, the world’s largest car market, is now a major player in EV production and exports. Chinese EV brands have a competitive edge in the battery electric vehicle value chain. They are already being exported to Europe, and affordable Chinese EV cars are set to enter the American market. Key Chinese EV brands include BYD, Nio, Wuling, Zeekr, and Xpeng, each with its unique features and market strategies.

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Repairing corrosion on a Tesla Model S after the battery warranty has expired

This article discusses the issue of corrosion in electric vehicle battery packs, specifically focusing on a case involving a Tesla Model S owner in Montreal. The owner’s battery range decreased, and it was discovered that the battery casing had been damaged by corrosion. The article explains that corrosion in EV batteries is becoming a problem as these vehicles age and accumulate mileage, while outlining the repair process.

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