EVfriendly Weekly Roundup – May 1

Long-awaited price war a sign of rapid transformation in electric vehicle sector

Tesla’s cutthroat pricing may be a sign of a rapid transformation in the automotive industry. While legacy car makers still generate most of their income from internal combustion vehicles, they have begun to learn how to make electric vehicles as efficiently. Analysts argue that once manufacturing costs equalize, the reason for producing internal combustion cars and trucks will no longer be justified.

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ZEV market share jumped to record 9.6 per cent in Q4 2022, while registrations fell slightly: StatsCan

New data from Statistics Canada shows that Canada’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market share reached an all-time high in Q4 2022, with 33,399 new ZEVs registered, including 27,754 battery electrics. This represents a national market share of 9.6%, up from 8.7% in Q3. The sports utility vehicle and crossover segment accounted for almost 63% of all BEVs registered in Q4, compared to just over 32% from the passenger car segment. Quebec had the most ZEV registrations in Q4, followed by Ontario and British Columbia.

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No one is driving this taxi. What possibly could go wrong?

This article ells the story of a journalist’s ride with Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, in one of their self-driving cars in San Francisco. The ride was going smoothly until the car suddenly started driving away from the intended drop-off location. The passenger had to contact a Cruise representative who confirmed that the car was confused and malfunctioning. The incident highlights potential issues with self-driving cars, including malfunctions, unexpected stops in the middle of streets, and navigation errors.

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GM, Samsung plan new EV battery cell factory in US

General Motors and South Korea’s Samsung SDI are planning to invest over $3 billion in a new electric vehicle  battery cell plant in the United States. The factory is expected to commence operations in 2026, but the location has not been disclosed. The plant will manufacture nickel-rich prismatic and cylindrical cells, creating thousands of jobs in the process. This project is General Motors’ fourth joint venture battery cell factory, with the first being a 900-worker factory near Warren, Ohio.

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GHG emissions in cars: Quebec plans to raise standards

The Quebec government plans to introduce two draft regulations aimed at increasing requirements for the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard, with the aim of having two million electric cars on Quebec roads by 2030. This goal is higher than the current target of 1.6 million electric cars in six years. Environment Minister Benoit Charette has said that the two draft regulations will be open for public consultation starting on May 3, and the government ultimately aims for 100% of new vehicle sales to be all-electric by 2035.

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