EVfriendly News Roundup – June 2023

China’s EV Exports to Canada Soar as Tesla Starts to Deliver

China’s electric vehicle (EV) exports to Canada skyrocketed in May, driven by Tesla’s delivery of its Shanghai-produced models. Chinese car manufacturers shipped a record $250 million worth of EVs (6,214 units) to Canada, accounting for 8% of China’s global EV shipments. Tesla’s Model Y, the world’s best-selling car, surpassed Toyota models and became the first all-electric vehicle to hold that position. Customers ordering Model Ys could expect delivery in Canada this month or next, according to Tesla’s estimates.

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B.C. rebate fund for home electric vehicle chargers runs out of juice

A rebate program in British Columbia aimed at helping homeowners install electric vehicle chargers has run out of funding due to high demand. The program, which offered a 50% rebate for the installation of Level 2 charging stations, has exhausted its funds, leaving homeowners like Josh Good unsure about proceeding with their EV purchases. The program’s depletion raises concerns about the government’s commitment to supporting EV adoption.

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Tesla offering Canadian buyers free EV fast-charging

Tesla is offering Canadian buyers of new models a special promotion to clear out inventory. Customers who order and take delivery before June 30 can enjoy up to three months or three years of free fast-charging, depending on the vehicle model. This enticing incentive aims to encourage sales and make electric vehicle ownership even more appealing.

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FedEx Express Canada launches its first 50 all-electric vehicles with BrightDrop

FedEx Express Canada has welcomed its first fleet of 50 BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric delivery vehicles in Toronto, marking a significant step towards the company’s goal of transitioning its entire parcel pickup and delivery fleet to all-electric vehicles by 2040. The initial fleet will serve Toronto, Montreal, and Surrey, with plans for expansion as charging infrastructure is implemented across the country. Powered by General Motors’ Ultium Platform, the Zevo 600 has an estimated range of up to 400 kilometers on a full charge. FedEx’s partnership with BrightDrop aims to incorporate a total of 2,500 electric vehicles into its operations, supporting its commitment to carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040.

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Feds and provinces need to offer more EV incentives to consumers to compete with U.S.: GM

Marissa West, the president of General Motors Canada, has emphasized the importance of implementing enhanced incentives and support from Canadian governments to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. West highlighted the need for competitive measures with the United States, where incentives for EVs are more substantial, and stressed the significance of establishing a robust charging infrastructure nationwide. By advocating for increased support and incentives, General Motors Canada aims to drive the transition towards sustainable transportation and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

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